Doc Blues Reviews Daddy Long Legs 2nd CD New Shade of Blue by Doc Blues Reviews New Shade of Blue-Daddy Long Legs follow up to Firefly. Daddy Long Legs is as trio that carries the knife edge of control throughout. Their guitar solos are tight and bring it home, dropping into long, mellow jazz lines that soar on wings of taste. Songs with stories feature witty wordplay and funny situations. Phil's vocals in "Use Me" have a familiar Clapton roar that flows well with the funky moves that the band graciously pours out along with tasty licks. "Gimme Two Lightly" has a guitar playing that reveals the sinuous strength of Santana and the attack of Mr. Vaughan. The time spent honing skills in Toby and the Boys, Threshold and The Jackets have served the guys well. Tight licks, wicked chops, happening blends of jazz, rock and blues and the power only experience delivers makes Daddy Long Legs one of Long Island's rare finds as a tasteful trio turns out tuneful tunes.” - Doc Blues

— Long Island Blues Society